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Update August 18- 2010 Pro's Or Con's "Top Secret Fat Loss - Weight Loss Program" By Health Experts

Top secret fat loss secret is one of the most used weight loss program for women who are over weight because of enormous appetite caused by chemicals produced by parasite and worms in the digestive system to induce false signal from the brain and for benefit of their survival, leading to obesity and over weight for women and men alike. The program besides shows you how to destroy all parasites and worm in your body and push them through your bowel. Without any false chemical induce the production of certain hormones, your appetite is back to normal and you are going to lose weight. We urge you to read the information carefully and compare with other colon cleansing program from other program, if you decide to purchase, please show your support.

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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret by Suzanne Gudakunst
By Reese Moorisen

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is a rather unusual book about fat loss, generally because it's not just about a specific diet, or any precise exercise regime. It does get into both of those things but the factor the writer, Suzanne Gudakunst, introduces as a big element in weight loss is body plaque.
'Dr Suzanne' is a Chiropractor from Atlanta, most celebrated for her use of research into the human colon and digestion working in tranquility with nutritive absorption to arrive at some rather startling conclusions.
It's all in Suzanne Gudakunst's Top Secret Fat Loss Secret.
You may have heard of it, you may even have read a Top Secret Fat Loss Secret review. If you are like me, you though the reviews you read weren't written very well, which is why I'm writing this. Anyway, here's what it's about.
One method of becoming fat is consuming too many calories every day which our body reacts to by storing the surplus calories as fat. If this is all that's going on, the way to lose weight is simply reduce you calorific intake and exercise a bit.
But we have all had the experience of doing precisely that and not seeing the weight coming off.
What's going on?
In the water we drink there is lead, chlorine, and then there are all of the impurities from the environment that find their way into what we consume.
Also, there are parasites that are living in our viscera because the beef and fish we eat is typically not cooked well enough and the small beasts set up shop in our bowels.
The liver is the organ basically accountable for cleaning and one of the techniques it deals with the heavy levels of all these impurities and poisons is to increase our subcutaneous fat to contain them, and forestall damage to other organs and the vital methods of your body.
Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst has figured this out, and she suggests the most effective way to lose weight is to 'first' clean out all of the parasites, poisons and impurities that have accumulated inside you. Purge yourself of the parasites and the disgusting sticky muck that lines your guts, then, when your bowel is clean,'then' start following a sensible, healthful diet.
Top Secret fat reduction Secret is only 49 pages, but it packs plenty of useful info inside it's pages. So what's in it?
One of the first things Dr Suzanne covers is Identifying Your Metabolic Type. This is significant because we all have a singular metabolic type, like our fingerprints, and once you know your metabolic type you can then plan your diet most effectively for fat loss. The strategy Top Secret Fat Loss Secret gives you for discovering your Metabolic ratio involves 'listening' to your body while you eat, but once you have it you're ready to proceed.
And then, she offers a link to a special quiz, which tells you what type of metabolic type you must go for and improve on. Nice.
There is her highly vaunted three day detoxification plan which shows you a way to cleanse your colon with all natural products. One thing that shocked me about detox was a lot of the first large losses of weight ( 20-50 lbs ) people experience following this program comes from removing the large quantities of unseen plaque from your intestines.
Then there is her diet plan, which is fascinating because it shows how specific sorts of protein don't go even with the healthiest of fiber rich vegetables and fruits, and if they are taken together they can create issues in your psychological clearness and energy levels.
Overall, there is plenty of great info packed into Top Secret Fat Loss Secret (even if it is just a little e-book), nearly the whole thing bringing new revelations into topic areas we believe we already know all about.
You may find pundits out there claiming, Suzanne Gudakunst scam, or 'top secret fat loss secret scam'. Don't believe it.
Our verdict? Highly recommended.

Recommended Reading
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Dr. Suzanne G. Fat Loss Secret,
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